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We like to announce that Ometa has recently closed a partnership with Advantive. As an IT service supplier, Advantive is specialized in Microsoft solutions and active in The Netherlands and Belgium. Advantive has already helped many clients with optimizing their Office 365 / SharePoint environments for document management and collaboration.​ Now, thanks to the partnership with Ometa, Advantive will be able to offer their clients solutions that are fully integrated with their back-office processes and ERP applications. Also here, our common goal is to help organisations achieve operational excellence!​​

Offering fully integrated solutions

Advantive is specialized in Microsoft solutions and with the help of the Ometa framework, they are now able to offer their clients full integrations between their ERP-applications and their Office 365 / SharePoint.

More and more organizations choose to use Office 365 and SharePoint for more efficient and productive (online) document management, collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication. The challenge of many companies is to integrate their ERP solution with their Office 365 / SharePoint environment. Through our collaboration, we can provide users with real-time information from the ERP system directly in their Office 365 and/or SharePoint environment. This results in a better user experience, more collaboration opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Integrating ERP with Office 365 and SharePoint

The collaboration between Advantive and Ometa is aimed at realizing ERP integrations with Office 365 / SharePoint (Online). Through the use of different systems within an organization, knowledge and information are often recorded in a scattered way. Thanks to the integration of systems, information and knowledge become immediately available for the end-users. This makes data more consistent and organizations more productive.

An important aspect is that we do not need to reorganize existing processes in the ERP systems. Our technology only requires a configuration, which displays the data real-time and in the desired way in SharePoint or Office 365. For the customer, our collaboration with Advantive means that an integration requires only minimal time and effort in exchange for maximum results.


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