Pidpa is a producer and supplier of pure drinkable water within the province of Antwerp, with a view on sustainability. For this they have 11 water production centers, 59 water towers and 27 booster stations. All this accumulates to 175 million liters of water every day.

Integrations at Pidpa

To have water flowing from the taps of 1.2 million people every day, a lot of infrastructure is needed. The day-to-day management of this infrastructure therefore requires cooperation between municipalities, contractors, consultancy firms, etc. All information about their projects and activities can be found in their ERP system SAP S/4 HANA. However, making this data accessible to our partners turned out to be a major challenge.

We noticed the need to do more integrations, but on the other hand we noticed that those integrations were very labor-intensive as a lot of coding was involved. After all, collaboration via mailbox is outdated.

We were looking for a modern way to efficiently link the dataflows between all parties. Ometa showed how their digital collaboration portals have led to enormous efficiency gains at other water companies. Thanks to the Ometa framework, effective coding has shifted to configuring the integrations. This has the great advantage of saving time and you can standardize several things.

“Communication with all our stakeholders and the digitization of all meters in our extraction area were major challenges for us. This is a project that will ensure a very large rollout until 2030.” says Stefan Meys, Director of Finance, ICT & Purchasing.

“Ometa made sure that the right information was delivered to the right person in a secure manner, at the right time, and the ERP system SAP S/4 HANA is always central.”


In concrete terms, Ometa has ensured that the right information reaches the right parties at the right time in a secure context. The ERP system is always central to this. For example, our customers can consult the rates via the website, these differ per municipality and are automatically updated from our SAP system.

During the production process, employees have access to a digital workplace in which relevant information from various sources such as the SAP system can be seen, and they can also immediately make the necessary adjustments.

We have rolled out the same concept for collaboration with external contractors. Via such a digital workplace they gain access to, for example, work orders from the SAP system, so that they can process them and consult all relevant documents. This means that there is one clear communication channel.

“We notice that our focus is increasingly on cloud transition, and that can certainly be supported by the Ometa Framework.”

Future vision

After Pidpa made the switch to SAP S/4 HANA, they are also looking at which other systems they want to bring to the cloud. Tom Van Eysendeyk, Manager Applications Customer & Front End: “We notice that our focus is increasingly on cloud transition. This cloud transition can certainly be supported by the Ometa framework. Ometa has demonstrated to other customers that the platform is ready for this strategic shift.”


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