During a full day program, you will experience the many advantages of the Ometa framework.

You will learn to set up a connection between an ERP-system (e.g. SAP, Infor) and some side applications. Next, you will learn how you can integrate these systems without any form of coding! You will also be able to build a portal on top of this data and to write data from the portal back to the underlying data sources. Moreover, you will do an exercise on dynamic case management in which you will set up an automatic creation of sites based on metadata.

The training is aimed at technical profiles or business profiles with a minimum technical background. The number of participants is limited due to the personal approach during this session.

Location is near Antwerp.

Participation is completely free!



08h30 Reception
  With coffee, tea and sandwiches.
09h15 Concepts and new functionalities in the Ometa Framework
  We explore the evolutions that the Ometa framework has gone through since its newest release.  We make exercises in the Ometa framework in which we create profiles, objects and methods.
10h45 Pause
  With coffee, tea and snacks.
11h00 Interactive exercises: Showing ERP results in SharePoint
  We go through exercises with views and build a portal in SharePoint in which Ometa components are used.
12h30 Pause
With drinks and sandwiches.
13h15 Interactive exercises: Extensions and virtualisation
We go through exercises in which data from different sources (ODBC and ERP) are connected and brought together. Besides this, we look at dynamic methods and how they are being used.
14h45 Pause
With coffee, tea and snack.
15h00 Demonstration Case Management
Next step in the collaboration process is a file in case management. Thereby steady steps in the processes are being defined. This makes it possible to differ user rights, show documents and data depending on the phase of the process. More will become clear during this part of the training.
16h30 Networking with drinks and snacks.